ReliTalk: A Controversial Leap Forward in Realistic Talking Portraits

Transforming a single video into a canvas of emotions and lighting magic! Dive into ReliTalk’s groundbreaking technology that brings talking portraits to life, adapting to different moods and lighting scenarios with a single video source. The researchers, Haonan Qiu, Zhaoxi Chen, Yuming Jiang, and Hang Zhou, have collaborated to develop this innovative framework. Their expertise in computer vision, deep learning, and image processing has contributed to the advancement of audio-driven portrait generation technology, with implications for various applications in entertainment and virtual communication.

With the innovative capabilities of ReliTalk, a wide range of applications become feasible. Content creators can harness its power to generate expressive and dynamic talking portraits for entertainment, advertisements, and social media engagement. This technology empowers marketers to craft compelling visual messages that resonate with their target audience. In video conferencing and virtual meetings, users can now present themselves in diverse settings, enhancing their online presence. Additionally, ReliTalk’s contributions extend to the field of deepfake detection and defense, offering a valuable tool in combating deceptive content.

Single input audio to talking face video

Revolutionizing Talking Portrait Generation

In the realm of generating relightable talking portraits, previous capabilities were largely limited by the need for extensive multi-view data and intricate lighting setups. These methods often relied on complex equipment like Light Stages, which were costly and inaccessible to most content creators. Additionally, they required large-scale datasets of subjects captured under controlled conditions, making them impractical for everyday use.

ReliTalk introduces a groundbreaking shift in the capabilities of talking portrait generation. It dispenses with the need for multi-view data and intricate lighting setups, opening doors for content creators and users alike. The key innovation lies in its ability to generate relightable talking portraits from a single monocular video, significantly simplifying the process. By relying on self-supervised learning, the model leverages audio cues and readily available video content, democratizing the creation of dynamic talking portraits.


This breakthrough paves the way for a future where relightable talking portraits are more accessible and widespread. Content creators can efficiently produce engaging visuals without the constraints of complex equipment or extensive datasets. This democratization of the technology holds the promise of transforming various industries, from entertainment and marketing to video conferencing and beyond.

Availability and Open Source Nature of ReliTalk

The research and announcement of ReliTalk are publicly available on arXiv, and the source code is accessible on GitHub through the following links: arXiv Paper and GitHub Repository.

ReliTalk is open to the public and is an open-source project. This means that anyone can access the research paper, download the source code, and use it for their own purposes, whether for research, creative projects, or practical applications. The open-source nature of ReliTalk fosters collaboration and innovation in the field of talking portrait generation, making it available for a wide range of users and developers to explore and utilize.

Unlocking Diverse Applications with ReliTalk

Immersive Storytelling: ReliTalk revolutionizes immersive storytelling by allowing creators to craft interactive and emotionally engaging virtual characters. Whether it’s in video games, virtual reality experiences, or interactive narratives, these lifelike avatars can adapt their expressions, lighting, and even dialogues to immerse the audience fully. Users become active participants in the story, shaping outcomes and forming deeper connections with the characters.

Virtual Presenters: Online education, webinars, and presentations benefit greatly from ReliTalk’s capabilities. Imagine attending an online course where a virtual presenter not only delivers content but also reacts to questions and discussions in real-time. These avatars enhance engagement and retention, making learning more effective and enjoyable.

with and without ICS

Dubbing and Localization: In the world of entertainment and international distribution, ReliTalk simplifies the complex process of dubbing and localizing content. Avatars can be trained to lip-sync perfectly in different languages, preserving the original actors’ expressions and emotions. This expedites content adaptation for global audiences.

Video Production: ReliTalk streamlines video production by offering post-production adjustments for lighting, expressions, and even dialogues. Filmmakers can save time and resources by making these changes digitally, eliminating the need for extensive reshoots. This opens up creative possibilities and accelerates the video production pipeline.

Accessible Content Creation: ReliTalk democratizes content creation by empowering individuals with limited resources. With this technology, anyone can produce professional-quality videos and animations, even without access to expensive lighting equipment or extensive teams. This fosters creativity and levels the playing field in content creation.

Customized Video Messaging: Marketers and businesses can create personalized video messages that resonate with their audiences. ReliTalk enables the generation of tailored marketing campaigns, customer interactions, and social media content. Virtual presenters adapt to the context and audience, making every message feel unique and relatable.

Improved Accessibility: ReliTalk serves as a powerful tool for accessibility. It can assist the hearing-impaired by generating sign language animations from spoken content, breaking down communication barriers and ensuring inclusivity in various digital platforms.

Realistic Simulation: For training simulations and educational materials, ReliTalk provides lifelike virtual characters that adapt to different scenarios and lighting conditions. This realism enhances the effectiveness of training programs and educational experiences, preparing learners for real-world situations.

Advertising and Marketing: In the competitive world of advertising and marketing, ReliTalk enables the creation of attention-grabbing campaigns. Interactive advertisements featuring relightable avatars engage audiences, leaving a lasting impression and increasing brand recall.

Language Learning: Language learners can benefit from ReliTalk’s conversational AI, which generates native-speaking virtual characters. These avatars adapt their expressions and lighting conditions based on the context and tone of the conversation, providing immersive language practice.

Customer Support: Businesses can improve their customer support services by incorporating it avatars into chat interfaces. These avatars deliver human-like interactions, offering assistance, answering queries, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Digital Storytelling: Content creators and authors can leverage it to bring their characters to life in multimedia storytelling. Avatars emote, react, and adapt to different story elements, creating dynamic and engaging narratives across various media platforms.

Advancements in Relightable Audio-Driven Talking Portraits

Recent developments in the field of audio-driven talking portraits have enabled the creation of lifelike video avatars from monocular videos. However, the challenge of seamlessly adapting these avatars to diverse backgrounds and lighting conditions has remained unaddressed. The proposed research introduces ReliTalk, a novel framework that tackles this issue by generating relightable audio-driven talking portraits. ReliTalk leverages 3D facial priors and implicit functions to predict fine-grained facial normals and reflectance maps from monocular videos. Mesh-aware guidance and identity-consistent supervision further enhance the accuracy of audio-driven animations and relighting capabilities. Extensive experiments demonstrate the superiority of ReliTalk on both real and synthetic datasets, making it a significant advancement in the field of audio-driven talking portraits.

ReliTalk Evaluation

In the experiments conducted to evaluate the ReliTalk framework, both real and synthetic datasets were used to assess its performance comprehensively. Real talking portrait videos, featuring news anchors, entrepreneurs, and presidents, were collected and split into training and evaluation sets, while synthetic videos were rendered with various lighting conditions. Evaluation metrics, including PSNR, SSIM, LPIPS, and SyncNet, were employed to measure ReliTalk’s quality and performance.

In quantitative comparisons, ReliTalk outperformed other methods in audio-driven talking portrait generation, demonstrating its superiority. Moreover, on the synthetic relighting dataset, ReliTalk achieved the highest PSNR and SSIM scores, indicating its remarkable performance in relighting. Qualitative comparisons highlighted its ability to generate clear lips and teeth, while ablation experiments showcased the significance of core modules like mesh-aware guidance and identity-consistent supervision, ensuring accurate predictions and improved relighting quality. Additionally, the decomposition of reflectance components contributed to enhanced relighting results.

Qualitative Comparision

ReliTalk – A Single-Video Solution

In conclusion, ReliTalk presents a groundbreaking framework for relightable audio-driven talking portrait generation, requiring only a single accessible monocular video as input, in contrast to previous light-stage-based methods that lack public availability. This innovative approach disentangles the geometry and reflectance of human portraits, accommodating expression and pose variations. By utilizing user-provided audio, it enables dynamic control over expression and pose coefficients, facilitating realistic rendering under diverse lighting conditions, seamlessly integrating with various backgrounds. While promising, there are some limitations, such as the inability to handle furry appearances or drastic appearance changes. Future work aims to create a more realistic physical model capable of accommodating complex lighting conditions.

Qualitative comparision

AI-Powered ReliTalk

In a remarkable leap for AI, ReliTalk introduces a groundbreaking framework for audio-driven talking portrait generation. This cutting-edge technology empowers users to transform a single accessible monocular video into vivid, relightable portraits, surpassing previous methods limited by their unavailability to the public. By expertly disentangling the intricacies of geometry and reflectance while accommodating expression and pose variations, It offers dynamic control over the portrait’s features, promising a seamless integration with diverse backgrounds. Although some challenges remain, such as handling furry appearances and drastic changes, the future holds exciting potential for creating a more realistic model capable of navigating complex lighting conditions.


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