Hey! This is Kinza Sabir having a strong foundation in Computer Science and Project Management. My passion lies in the realm of machine learning with specific focus on Computer Vision. In the rapidly evolving field I have dedicated myself to continuous learning and staying connected to the latest developments in this paradigm. Connect with me to explore more advancements about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
ML Research

Alibaba’s Mobile-Agent: A Smart Mobile Assistant

Introduce your mobile with Alibaba’s Mobile-Agent, an assistant to understand your screen accurately. Researchers at Beijing Jiaotong University and Alibaba Group presented this model. It is a smart helper that

Gaussian Head Avatar
ML Research

Gaussian Head Avatar: High Quality Head Avatar Generator

Discover the art of self-expression in pixels with avatar generation wizardry! Gaussian Head Avatar—design a visual identity that mirrors your expression, essence, sparking curiosity and connection in the online world.

ML Research

OMG-Seg: A Unified Segmentation Model

Meet OMG-Seg: From images to videos, semantic to instances. It is not just a model but a unified segmentation tool. Researchers from S-Lab, Nanyang Technological University and Shanghai Artificial Intelligence

ML Research

SuperCluster: Semantic Segmentation of 3D Scenes

SuperCluster: Unlocking the secrets of 3D realms having the ability of navigating and understanding industrial giants as well as entire cities. The researchers from CSAI, ENGIE Lab CRIGEN and other

ML Research

InstantID: Personalized Image Synthesis Model

InstantID: Transforming a single personalized image into multiple styles within seconds. The researchers from InstantX Team have presented this amazing and creative model. The model takes a single image and

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