Microsoft Unveils Copilot as an Independent App for Android Users

Microsoft has launches Copilot for the users of android, independently. This means that Copilot will be accessible without the need of Bing, as it use to be.

Microsoft's Copilot

This model has features similar to ChatGPT providing the facilities of image generation, chatbot abilities, drafting email and other related texts. Microsoft launches it inside its BING search engine and it is still available. But, now they have skipped the Bing Chat branding and introduced an independent experience.

Introducing Copilot as an android app is a logical step towards the technology and it is a great efforts presented by the team of Microsoft as it provide versatile tools for several tasks. The iOS version of this tools has not been launched yet. It is expected to be accessible soon.

Key Features of Copilot

The capabilities of this model will keep on expanding by introduction of new features to enhances its functionalities in various applications. This app provides free accessibility to the OpenAI’s latest model GPT-4 which is originally a paid feature in ChatGPT.



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