Explore the 6 top Image-to-Video AI Tools to Add Amazing Artistic Touch

Do you want to see your features move in your photo 🧐? Yes, it’s possible if your photo is converted into a video format. You may wonder to know that there are multiple online software and AI tools available for converting static images into video animations or several other video forms. For this, I’m going to share the best image to video AI tools, which are easily available online and at a cheap price. 

Are you excited to explore these amazing tools? So, buckle up, and let’s move to see how you can transform images into stunning, artistic videos.

My Top Picks Among Image to Video AI Tools

Tools Best for Free Trial Starting Price
Runway Gen-2 More Realistic Text/Image to Video Converter Available for 3 Projects $12 /month
Leia Pix Turn 2D images into 3D animation Yes Available for the first 100 Credits $0.99 /100 credits
Morph Studio Realistic Video generator Not Available Not Available
Genmo Animations with Different Themes Yes Free Version is Available $10 /month
Pika Art Text & Image to Video Converter Basic Plan is Free for 300 Credits $10 /month for 1050 Credits
Kaiber Artistic Style Video Generator Yes Available for 7 days $5 /month

In order to compare all these AI tools, I’ve chosen one standard image of two racing cars moving on the track.’ By going through this article, you can compare this image to the video generated by each software. So you can figure out which tool is good to go.

Now see how these image to video AI tools transform this image into video format!

Runway Gen-2

Among various image to video AI tools, I choose Runway Gen-2 at the top of the list. It’s due to its several amazing features and generating realistic videos within seconds. Interestingly, this AI Magic tool of Gen-2 provides THREE formats to generate a video. You can give a text prompt, an image, or an image with its description. For each prompt, you will get several an amazing video running about 4 seconds. 

Key Features

  • Converts text/Image to video with realistic outputs
  • Intensity of video motion can be increased or decreased
  • Various customization options are available
  • Camera Motion and Motion Brush are also available

Pros  Cons
👍 Easy-to-use interface
👍 Multiple options to generate a video
👍 Creates more realistic videos
👎 Free version is available for three projects

Leia Pix

Next is Leia Pix, another great image to video AI tool offering several customization options to users. Just drag or upload your image and convert it into artistic video format. Here, you will find different animation styles and lengths to add to your video. Within a few moments, an animated video will appear on your screen, which you can easily export to your device or even share to other social media platforms. 

Key Features

  • Creates quick and amazing animation 
  • Provides varying amount, length, and style of animation 
  • Any point in the image can be focused
  • Edge dilation is also available
  • Offers an advanced editor option

Pros  Cons
👍 Best Animation Creator
👍 Gives several animation styles and lengths
👍 Video can be shared with others
👎 Exporting video is sometimes hard

Morph Studio

Like Midjourney, Morph Studio works on the Discord server. Just create your account and join this forum, where multiple users generate videos daily. For converting your image into a video, here is a ‘+’ sign in a circle before a text box. Click on it and ‘Use Apps.’ Then, choose /animate – an image to video bot. Now, you can drag or upload your image and wait for a few moments. Afterwards, you can see an animated video of your image.

Key Features

  • Works on Beta in Discord
  • Provides various video-generation options
  • Creates a short animation for about 3 sec

Pros  Cons
👍 Multiple video generation options
👍 No need to add text alongwith the image
👎 Interface is NOT very user-friendly


Genmo is also a dynamic and unique image to video AI tool that stands out by providing multiple great features. On its easy interface, you can upload your image and also describe it in a few words. There are various customization options available on Genmo, including Sci-fi themes to Action scenes, and even motion to magical effects into your video. Once you choose all the options what you want to see, it will generate multiple animated videos at once.  

Key Features

  • Provides multiple customization options
  • Equipped with a Sci-fi theme, Action scenes, and Mystery theme
  • Camera Motion is also available
  • Offers Illusionary or magical effects options
  • Generates multiple videos from a single image at once
  • Also available on Turbo and Discord server  

Pros  Cons
👍 Easy-to-use interface
👍 Multiple video generation options
👍 Various customization options
👎 Using more customization is somewhat hard

Pika Art

One of the easy-to-use image to video AI tools is Pika. Having a simple and easy interface, it asks users to upload the image and describe it shortly. Then, it creates a realistic video of your given image. Although it’s simple to use, but you can also use some customization options. You can set the frame and aspect ratio as per your choice. Moreover, you can control the strength of the video motion and camera too. Apart from this, you can also give a negative prompt for a more customized video generation.

Key Features

  • Simple and easy-to-go image to video AI tool
  • Comes with several customization options
  • Provides custom control on camera and video strength
  • Equipped with video frame setting and aspect ratio
  • The negative prompt can also be given here

Pros  Cons
👍 Easy-to-use interface
👍 Various customization options
👍 Gives a more custom control
👎 Video output is NOT very high-quality


Kaiber is a little different tool than its competitors for converting images into video format. With a unique interface, it lets you drag or upload the image you want to convert into video. Also, there is a small box to summarize the image into a few words. Then, it generates a video from the given image input, and the result is incredible. It’s because of transforming image contrasts and forms. You can download it easily share it on Facebook, Twitter, or email it to someone. 

Key Features

  • A versatile image to video AI tool
  • Comes with some interesting video options
  • Offers Flipbook, Motion, and Transform options
  • Generates a 6-second video within a few seconds

Pros  Cons
👍 Gives three video formats
👍 Offers to add background music to the video
👎 Not enough customization
👎 Free version is for only seven days

Final Thoughts

No doubt, it’s not easy to choose the best among various image to video AI tools. But the above-mentioned tools literally work well. Whether you need an animated video or just a moving sensation of your image, a more realistic mode, or an artistic touch, you can generate anything what you want. By the way, all are good, but in my experience, I choose Runway Gen-2 and Genmo for adding more artistic flavor to static images. However, Leia Pix is a superb image to video AI tool for animated video creation. 

In order to know which image to video AI tool works the best and how it outputs, you have to explore it on your own. Well, this guide would surely help you in this regard. So you can read it again!

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