Explore the Best Image2Image AI Models that Revamp Your Creativity

Working online demands high-quality images. But stock images are not the last option. There is something incredible away from your sight. They are image2image generator AI models. Sounds great? Yeah, it should be.

Various tools are available online that let you generate personalized images as output in response to the input images. From avatars to 3D imaging, enhancing the picture quality, or even transforming the overall background, nothing is impossible now. 

Well, if you’re looking for the best image2image generator tools, you’ve landed the right spot. Because here, I’ve added some best-performing AI models chosen on personal experience. So, let’s get started!

Our Top Pics of Image2Image AI Tools 

Tools  Best For Free Trial Starting Price
RunwayML Creating multiple image versions Basic Plan is FREE Forever $12 per editor/month
Wondershare Generating multiple views of the same image Free Version is Available $5 / 1000 points
Stable Diffusion Generating Artistic Images Free Version is Available $29 / month
AI Avatar Generator Creating a Variety of Avatars at once Free Forever Not Available
Midjourney Creating Various Illustrations NO $10 / month Enhancing Images Yes $19.99 / month
The Inpaint Removing Imperfections Yes $29.99

Now scroll down and see their Comprehensive Reviews!


RunwayML is one of the best image2image tools that transforms your simple image into a highly customized version. The platform is easy to use and provides a number of features to turn your image into different styles, hues, and patterns. The most important aspect of RunwayML is that you have a lot of options to customize your image. 

How does it work?

  • Just upload an image 
  • Set its resolution in SD (for free use) or HD (for an upgraded version)
  • Choose how many outputs you need (from 1– 4)
  • Select the ‘Style’ of the images among 27 options from architectural or cinematic design to pixel art or 3D cartoon
  • Adjust the weight and strength of your prompt (as input)
  • Write about the negative prompt (what do you not like to see in the images)
  • Write about the positive prompt (what do you like to see in the images)
  • Now click on ‘Generate’ to generate a stunning masterpiece effortlessly

I have a cute picture of a white duck standing on the green grass. I have uploaded it to and just using the given options (as I mentioned in bullets), I got such amazing output. You can see here.

What did I like? What I didn’t like?
🙂 Easy-to-use interface
🙂 Broad-range of pre-trained models
🙂 Various customization options
🙂 Efficient outputs
🙁 Each image generation requires 5 credits and after reaching a certain limit, there’s a need to be upgraded.

Wondershare AI Draw

Wondershare is another great image2image generator tool that provides users with a clean and clear interface for both text-to-image and image-to-image generation. Meeting the quality and quantity, Wondershare creates effortlessly awesome images in response to a simple image. Results seem highly detailed, best-quality, and realistic masterpieces from highly bold cinemated to 3D images. 

How does it work?

  • Choose image-to-image option
  • Upload the image source as an input
  • Describe as a prompt as how you want to generate images
  • You can use some given phrases as prompts
  • For generating more customized images, there are three variations;
  • Style Switch: line drawing, pixel style, fairy tales, cute, Pixar 3D, sculpture
  • Colorization: Fantasy, Japanese Comic, American Comic
  • A Magic Brush for getting highlighted images
  • Choose the quantity of images (max 4)
  • Click on ‘Generate’ and see the incredibly awesome images as output

In order to generate the personalized images, I’ve uploaded the previously used duck image at and followed the above-mentioned points. Here, you can see the awesome results I got.  

What did I like?   What I didn’t like?
🙂 User-friendly interface with intuitive controls
🙂 Supports various image transformations and styles
🙂 Quick and easy image processing
🙁 Each login deducts 20 points.
🙁 Each image generation deducts 8 points.

Stable Diffusion 

Among the most popular image-generating AI tools, Stable Diffusion comes in the top queue. But it’s limited for text-to-image generation. However, it’s Stable Diffusion 1.5 API used for next-level image2image generation. From interface to using the module, there are many variations exist between both versions of Stable Diffusion. But the later one is capable to generate high-quality images using textual and imaging prompts. 

How does it work?

  • Signup your account on the Models Lab
  • Choose the model – image editing
  • Upload the image you want to manipulate
  • Add a text prompt for what changes you wish to happen
  • Also add a negative prompt to avoid anything
  • Also the background can be removed (if you want)
  • Click on ‘Generate’ and wait a few moments
  • Then see a great masterpiece that you just imagine

When you see the results, you’ll surely appreciate the built-in sophisticated architecture of this image2image AI tool that promises creating awe-inspiring images. You must try it to generate your own masterpiece, just moving here;

What did I like? What I didn’t like?
🙂 High-resolution outputs
🙂 Advanced customization options
🙂 Background removal is also available
🙂 Good for professional and artistic applications
🙁 1.5 API is not freely available
🙁 A little hard to learn for newbies

AI Avatar Generator 

AI Avatar Generator is a freely available image2image generator tool that mainly uses a fine-tuned version of Stable Diffusion model to generate images with infinite variations by uploading just a single image. As the name highlights, it’s specific for generating avatars based on the images’ CLIP embedding. So, instead of generating images based on text, this amazing tool generates images using embedded CLIPs. The newly crafted images mainly have same rough style and content, yet with different details. 

How does it work?

There are TWO boxes mentioned as input images and generated variations.

  • Upload an image in the input box
  • Choose the number of generating images (max 4)
  • Adjust the guiding scale from 0 – 25
  • Select the steps involved in image generating process (5 – 25)
  • Click on ‘Submit’ and wait a few seconds

Visually appealing variations as avatars are appeared from a single image.

When I uploaded the same duck on,  I get FOUR different avatars of ducks in varying shapes and heights. Here, you can see all of them!

What did I like?   What I didn’t like?
🙂 Ideal for profile picture generation
🙂 Quick and easy avatar generation
🙂 Supports various avatar styles
🙁 Some outputs alter the original form of input

Midjourney Discord

Among the most popular image2image generator AI tools, Midjourney has its own standarized value. But its specific feature is to run on Discord server. As the interfac is different than other image2image tools available online, its documentation assists to use this software seamlessly. It’s known for creating high-quality, realistic images using the imagine command. 

How does it work?

  • Sign up on Discord server first
  • Then sign up on Midjourney main website and select ‘Join the Beta’
  • To access the Midjourney member gallery, choose the subscription plan
  • Now the main interface will be open in front of you
  • Enter prompt in the below section by using Discord commands “/” followed by imagine
  • Upload an image you want to manipulate and hit the ‘Enter’
  • Just wait a little moment and get wonder to see the output

If you want to edit the generated images, there are several editing options you an easily use. For a personal experience for an incredible image2image creation, move here;

What did I like? What I didn’t like?
🙂 Highly interactive and realistic image editing
🙂 Good for artistic experimentations
🙂 Supports image2image translational tasks
🙁 The interface is less intuitive than other tools.

You must heared about the word ‘Filter’ in the world of image generation, especially image2image. does something like this because it provides a magnificiant tool as Image Enhancer – Image Upscaler that doesn’t only convert yet enhance the input images into stunning output ones. Also, it supports various image formats; jpg, png, webp, and more. 

How does it work?

  • Drag or upload the image you want to get results for (an origin image)
  • Select the image size in pixels (hight*width)
  • For enhancing the origin image, there are SIX formats you can opt for:
  • Enhancer
  • Sharpener
  • Portrait Enhancer
  • Color Correction
  • Restorer
  • Upscalaer
  • Result will show on selecting each format
  • After getting the desired result, click on ‘Download’ to save the image to your device

I was so curious to enhance my original duck image with sharpening filter. So, I moved to and see how sharp the image I generated. My experience was good with this image2image tool.

What did I like?   What I didn’t like?
🙂 Ideal platform for image conversion and enhancement
🙂 Supports various image formats
🙂 No software installation needed
🙂 Free to use for basic features
🙂 Fast and efficient processing
🙁 Minimum credits are available for enhancing one image.
🙁 Downloaded images are watermarked.

The Inpaint

Want to remove unnecessary objects from your photo? The Inpaint is a renowned online AI-powered software for donig this job effortlessly. It can magically fill the selected area with intelligently-generated textures pulled from the surrounding image data. With the advanced impainting algorithms and better-quality image processing, this image2image converter tool gives awesome results, without any limitations by image count or size. It also capable for batch processing, guide-line, and multiview

How does it work?

  • Drop file here or click to upload an image
  • Choose any of these formats; JPG, PNG, WebP
  • Make sure the image size must around 10Mb
  • Max image resolution must be 4.2 MP
  • Once you all set with these guidelines, click on the ‘Download’ button

You will surely be surprised to see the results as all the undesired objects will be vanished from your photo and the output is much better than the previous one. You must try it, switchig to

What did I like? What I didn’t like?
🙂 Efficient for photo retouching
🙂 Quick results with minimal effort
🙂 Batch processing capabilities
🙂 Enhance features of personal photos
🙁 Image uploading takes much timeA little pricey

Final Words

As the demand for creative and efficient image generation tools continues to grow, these AI-powered image2image generating solutions offer diverse options for users with varying needs and preferences. Whether you’re a digital artist, content creator, or just someone looking to enhance and transform images, these tools provide a range of functionalities and features. Consider your specific requirements and skill level when choosing the tool that best fits your needs, and don’t hesitate to explore and experiment with the diverse possibilities these AI image2image generators offer.

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