Stability AI has launched Stable Video Diffusion: A text-to-video Platform

Introducing Stable Video Diffusion, text-to-video inference, a groundbreaking platform leveraging AI to craft immersive narratives, setting a new standard for unprecedented creativity and efficiency.

Stablility AI has developed Stable Video Diffusion based on image model Stable Diffusion. It is a technology that holds the promise of generating exceptionally realistic and personalized visuals and videos, responding dynamically to supplied cues and  prompts.

Adapting seamlessly to diverse downstream tasks, this video model is extremely versatile which can effortlessly accommodate the challenges such as multi-view synthesis from a single image through fine-tuning on datasets designed for multi-view scenarios.

This model will turn out to be trailblazer within the industries like Media, Entertainment, Education, and Marketing. It is a great addition in the extensive range of open-source models. Its aim is to enable the end users to convert text and image inputs into vibrant, realistic scenes. It elevates abstract concepts into visually compelling, dynamic videos that resemble cinematic creations brought to life.

Stable Video Diffusion is presented in the form of two image-to-video models, which has the ability to generate 14 and 25 frames at personalized frame rates between 3 and 30 frames per second. Through external evaluation, while releasing the model, it was evident that this model surpasses the leading closed models in user preference studies such as Runway and PIKA.

Reference for Stable Video Diffusion

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