PIKA: An Idea-to-Video Platform


To master video generation before it redefines the art of cinematography and content creation entirely, PIKA is here. It is the latest model with a community of half a million end-users within the time frame of 6 months from around the world.

An Idea-to-Video platform, PIKA Labs launches PIKA 1.0, an Artificial Intelligence tool for text-to-video fabrication which is a cut-edging model in the entertainment industry more specifically in the field of web series, interactive storytelling and animated documentaries. Their vision is to empower utilizers to become the creators of their own narratives.

Imagine yourself as a Cinematographer or Director of Photography, PIKA gives you a diverse set of functionality to make your work more creative and close to reality. Some key features are generating video from text within seconds, crafting images into video through uploading an image and then prompt it, enhance and modify the video format.

Once diving into the this model your skill can create a whole high-resolution movie with the help of Artificial Intelligence by uploading an image, prompt an entire video and your input image will appear inside the video.

The most exciting feature is video-to-video model in which you can upload a clip and can generate its multiple output, Runway Gen1 also provide this feature but PIKA’s outcomes seems to be the most polished one. The aspect ration feature helps the content creator to generate the content for Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube according to their respective canvas size, flawlessly.

Compared to Runway, this model has more advanced editing tools whereas the user interface is borrowed from Midjourney and added the feature of Explore where you can see other art work for inspiration. PIKA Labs are enthusiastic to launch its android version to make it more adaptable.

The quality of generated video is outstanding by keeping the accurate facial expression or generation of celebrity’s cartoony image is quite identifiable. So, are you excited to turn your imagination into a video?

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YouTube Channel: The Reel Robot

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